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Schieffer GmbH & Co. KG
Am Mondschein 23
59557 Lippstadt

phone: +49 2941 755-0
fax: +49 2941 755-240

e-mail: info@schieffer.de
homepage: www.schieffer-group.com 

General Partner
Schieffer & Co. Verwaltungsgesellschaft - limited liability company
Paderborn HRB 5197

Managing Directors:
Ekkehart H. Schieffer
Wilfried Schieffer-Adick
Company registration: Lippstadt HRA 3399 

Value added tax identification no.: DE 125695095 

Pictures Origin:The pictures and videos used are copyrighted. Before keeping them save, putting them into distribution or using them in printed or electronic form we invite you to send us a written request for permittance to use the copyright from the holder of the copyright.

Part of the pictures are in posession of fotolia (www.fotolia.de) and clipdealer (www.clipdealer.de), as well.

For the following pictures we bought the licenses:
Source: © Fotolia #11655943, #23760988, #34194754, #40161542, #42032545, #34394022, #24076108
Source: © Clipdealer #598109

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