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Plastic and Rubber Systems for Automobile-Industry

High precision products out of thermoplastics and elastomer

When driving your car - Schieffer is inside. Many well - known manufacturers are using precision products out of thermoplastic and elastomer - made by Schieffer.Our customers can rely on our competence in both fields due to a long term experience in automotive production. We offer high quality at a low-cost level - always to the advantage of our customers.
Our production range is including various components which can be used in a great variety of functions. Customers are claiming extremely high quality to guarantee long-lasting function, reliability and endurance. We have access to a wide knowledge in choosing prime materials , in construction of  tools and even in production line processes with different systems and materials. 

Safety systems

Integral system for seat belts/safety belts
Carters for safety belt locks (2K hard/soft)
Safety Valve elements

Techniques for door handles

Stop buffer
Grommets door brake
Gasket door brake


Device carrier (left)
Device carrier (right)

Water management

Washing sytem hose
Condensed water draining hose
Draining hoses

Mechanical components

Housing for pedals
Backrest latch
Backrest latch

Light / electronic techniques

Housing for connectors
Housing for electronic circuits
Frame for headlamps

Sealing technology

Labyrinth seals
Actuators seal
Seal tank service openings

Seal engine compartment
Membrane seals
Tank flange seals