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Schieffer International Group – best references all over the world

Schieffer is a family-owned company specialized in producing components and systems out of rubber and plastics and hydraulic hoses and systems for modern fluid technologies as well. Our Know-How results from a very successful cooperation with national and international clients as well.

We are suppliers of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and Supply Industries with emphasis on the automotive industry. More than 450 employees are supporting our success in the main production facility in Germany, as well as abroad.

Our competencies

  • Project Management
  • Product and process development
  • Tool Technology
  • Quality and environmental Management
  • Production
  • Logistics

Zero-Defect – 100% results – without any defects!
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Elastomer and plastic assemblies for the automotive industry

When driving your car - Schieffer is inside. Many well - known manufacturers are using precision products out of thermoplastic and elastomer - made by Schieffer.


Fluid handling systems for automotive applications

Accelerate the progress in the automotive and vehicle manufacturing together with us.


Hydraulic Applications

The best price-performance ratio is an inherent part of each system solution of Schieffer International Group. Our fluid systems are on duty as high quality components or complex assembly groups in all industrial sectors of technology.


Elastomer and plastic assemblies for industrial applications

Schieffer is a well known partner for development and series production of high-end precision products of plastics and rubber components.


Hose line systems for industrial applications

The industry is in motion; As well as liquids, oils, air or gases which have to be unerringly transported to its place of destination; in machines, systems and green technology.


EASYCON® - Flexible hose lines for cooling surface systems

EASYCON® is an oxygen diffusion-tight hose line system and enables a secure connection through visible and audible mounting.


Process und Production Technique

For more than 95 years we place our experience – based on a competent knowledge and high innovating capacities – on the disposal of our customers. All our products and systems are demonstrating our Know-How – as a result of our experience and a very intensive cooperation with our partners in different industrial fields.

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