Company group

Strong alliances are leading to multinational solutions

Experience and high innovating capacities

For more than 90 years we place our experience – based on a competent knowledge and high innovating capacities – on the disposal of our customers. All our products and systems are demonstrating our Know-How – as a result of our experience and a very intensive cooperation with our partners in different industrial fields.

Although experienced in various fields and different tasks all divisions of Schieffer put at disposal the capability to offer to our customers complete solutions to their problems by combining components from different operating fields. Strong orientation to the global market is leading Schieffer Group to be a worldwide acting company.


When playing golf most important is to set perfect tee off - and like playing golf, with "Zero-Defect-Strategy" we concentrate our expertise on perfect processes and products.


Schieffer Germany, Lippstadt

Since the start more than 9 decades ago our success is based on a strictly customer orientated attitude which led to entire customer's satisfaction.


Schieffer Romania, Lugoj

Schieffer Industries Romania S.R.L. was established in 2006 as a further production facility of Schieffer International Group.


SI Silicone Innovation, Wangen

A team of dedicated specialists who are motivated to create products and solutions by people for people.


ProPulse, Schieffer USA

ProPulse, a Schieffer company is manufacturer of customized product and application solutions. Core competence is the innovative development, design and production of custom high pressure hose solutions for various applications in the field of fluid conveying.