Perfection cannot be achieved by Chance!

Zero defect: 5 steps to realise 100% results – without any defects!

When playing golf most important is to set perfect tee off – and like playing golf, with “Zero-Defect-Strategy” we concentrate our expertise on perfect processes and products.


Only reliable and precise implementation of every single step guarantees achievement of 100% Zero Defect results and this is exactly Schieffer's proceeding:
  • Process competence and constant quality preplanning
  • Motivated and specially trained employees
  • Highly advanced technology for visual inspection and automation for individual evaluation

Know How

Take a chance on Schieffer, and you may rely on a partner, sure of knowing what he is doing. Nothing is left to chance, but stricly orientated to objective 'Zero-Defect-Strategy'. Start gaining with our experience!
  • Filling- and FEM studies/Competencies regarding material and processes
  • Conception of optimal product design
  • Feasibility study and cost-optimized design


Schieffer's Know-How and knowledge, transferred from many previous projects is guaranteeing tool designs to rely upon. If absolute precision is being required, integration of 100% functional testing is obvious.
  • Manufacturing and maintenance of injection moulding and extrusion tools
  • Detail-reliable parts for production test or for validation of design
  • Automation solutions, combined with systems for inspection and/or assembly


Process competence as well as state-of-art machinery guarantee economical manufacturing and stability in series production. 'Zero Defects', based on reproducibility as well as continuity are comitted features, to be applied throughout all sites and involved levels.
  • Injection moulding, 2k-solutions, Insert- /Outsert technique
  • Processes like: Extrusion, Pressing, Thermoforming and Ultrasonic Welding
  • Implementation of assembly and finishing of assemblies and Systems


Schieffer's credo: No compromises, but being continously focussed on customer's requirements and on ever-lasting objective: Zero Defects!
  • Our demanding clientele are OEM and automotive suppliers
  • Our core competence is development and series production of customized plastic-, elastomer- and metal components, their combination to complex assemblies and line systems, in ongoing cooperative relationship with customers.


When playing golf most important is to set perfect tee off - and like playing golf, with "Zero-Defect-Strategy" we concentrate our expertise on perfect processes and products.


Schieffer Germany, Lippstadt

Since the start more than 9 decades ago our success is based on a strictly customer orientated attitude which led to entire customer's satisfaction.


Schieffer Romania, Lugoj

Schieffer Industries Romania S.R.L. was established in 2006 as a further production facility of Schieffer International Group.


SI Silicone Innovation, Wangen

A team of dedicated specialists who are motivated to create products and solutions by people for people.


ProPulse, Schieffer USA

ProPulse, a Schieffer company is manufacturer of customized product and application solutions. Core competence is the innovative development, design and production of custom high pressure hose solutions for various applications in the field of fluid conveying.